About the company

Elmotech is a group of companies engaged in the production and distribution of ventilators for various applications.

Production and storage facilities are in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. This allows us to serve clients over a wide area.

We manufacture under our own brand name Elmotech, and supply products from well-known manufacturers such as Elco, Fergas, Delta, Blauberg, etc.

Our clients are manufacturers of:

refrigeration equipment

heating equipment

ventilation equipment

home appliances

automotive industry

Investments in manufacturing equipment and business processes have enabled us to supply quality fans at a competitive price.

Our manufacturing processes include injection molding of aluminum and plastic parts, machining, powder coating, and conveyor assembly.

Products undergo multi-level quality control, consisting of careful selection and testing of certified components and materials, final tests before shipment, and comply with the international directives and standards.