10 years of the company

Happy Elmotech 10th anniversary! We are so proud to see how our company grows and achieves more from year to year.

It's all about successfully solving  challenges and overcome the obstacles thanks to our partners, customers and suppliers, without whom our work would have been impossible. Today we stand firmly on our feet based on our experience and knowledge acquired over the years in our field.

 We believe that the following years will bring us only higher successes and victories!

Expansion of the product range

Last year we launched the production of crossflow modular fans based on 24V DC electric motors. Fans can be with a wheel diameter of 33mm, 43mm, 60mm, and include from 1 to 5 modules of different widths (from 250 to 300mm).

The fan speed is controlled with a 0-10V control input voltage. This product is ideal for use in modern heating and ventilation systems where low noise levels, economy and high reliability are required.